5 fundraising processes every non-profit needs in 2021

5 ways you can show donors they are appreciated




Digital Marketing Specialist and Productivity Enthusiast.

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🚀 Crunch #032: NFT Social Network for Art, Humanizing Products with Storytelling

What happens when your product concept gets announced at Google I/O a few years later?

Travelation Smart Glass concept

DeSci, AGI, and Mansions… Oh MY!

The 5 Steps I Followed to Go From Solopreneur to Running a 50-People Business

How I Went From Creating a Company From Scratch to Managing 4 Simultaneously

How a US student visa rejection led me to start a SAAS company.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Your First Clients

Building Products With Purpose

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Steven Kryger

Steven Kryger

Digital Marketing Specialist and Productivity Enthusiast.

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