35 tools (and 4 new classes) to help you lead better meetings

Some of the new tools available to help you lead better meetings, including Slido, Notiv and Miro

I remember going into lockdown in March last year and urgently needing to find a tool to facilitate in-person meetings that were suddenly moving online.

Someone had used Zoom before so we went with that and from then on Zoom became my constant companion.

For many, ‘Zoom’ means ‘online meetings’ in the same way that ‘Google’ has become synonymous with ‘web search’. But Zoom is the tip of the (growing) iceberg.

Online meetings are here to stay and there are an increasing number of tools to help you lead better meetings that keep people organised, engaged and connected.

Are you ready to explore?

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Learn to lead better meetings

Of course, tools can only do so much. You can buy the best set of golf clubs on the market but if you don’t know how to swing a club it’s all for nought.

The good news is — you can learn to lead better meetings. Investing in these skills will reap benefits for you (and the people you lead) for the length of your professional career.

Bright Pilots is a new platform to provide you with the skills to lead better meetings.

These online, interactive classes are hosted in real-time by experienced facilitator, Ben Crothers. In 2-hours you can be equipped to lead better meetings for:

Disclosure: I helped develop the website for Bright Pilots (but I can claim no credit for the brilliant concept — all of that must be attributed to Ben Crothers).

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